May 4, 2012

Monokini from long sleeve shirt!

For this summer i wanted to get for myself a swimsuit that would be a bit less revealing than a 2 piece bikini...for my own personal reasons. So i checked online stores but the prices are just too much, in the stores, same story. I checked in Victoria's Secret site and saw the same one i wanted to get and loved it!! But i was like..."There is no way i'm paying that much for this monokini!" So i grabbed a bikini bottom of my swimsuit that fit and a long sleeve shirt and got started...i didn't really draft a pattern for the rest of the monokini, so here is the finish product:

I am very happy with the finish product, although i had to add black elastic lace for more coverage for my "lemons" LOL....i think anyone with a little bit of sewing experience can make this....its a bit time consuming if you have never done something like this and you have a little one like a do, this took me a whole day to finish it, but so worth it!!!

Here is a quick video of the process of making the monokini =)

Sorry i dont explain anything i was so exited that i forgot all of that, remember this wasn't supposed to be a tutorial until now =) enjoy it 

Thank you for watching

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