Jan 14, 2012

Avenged Sevenfold- Nightmare

Give me ideas Please!

Please Craft Ideas!

Well if you watched this video you can see i want your help, i want ideas of things i can sew or DIY's... i'm starting at all this REMEMBER, so please don't give me something i can't do. Also, i work with recycled materials KEEP that in mind!! 

Xoxo, Liz M.

Happy Crafting!

My logo

My logo, Tainos

I Have come up with this site the other day on how to make your own tags, so i decided to make some for myself and i'm going to use a symbol that the Indians Tainos, from Puerto Rico, used for the famous frog Coqui. This frog is originally from Puerto Rico, i was born there, so i decided i was going to use this as my logo =)

The picture above is the symbol for "coqui" this is how the Tainos 'wrote it' or draw it.

Here is a site for you to check out if you want to know more about the Tainos
This site has basic information on this culture. So back to why i have chosen this character as my logo, lol
Well, i like it because its part of my culture and i love the frog coqui!

If you like it or not please leave comments!!

Jan 9, 2012

Party Rock Anthem – Lmfao Lyrics & Listen

Party Rock Anthem – Lmfao Lyrics & Listen

Soda Tab Bracelet

Soda Tab Bracelet


-Lots of soda tabs
-Ribbons, shoe lace, strings
-Glue (optional)

1.Gather all the materials.
2.Now get your string, ribbon, or w.e. it is that you will use to thread threw the soda tabs for this project, and cut to the length you want. I didn't measure at all =)... but it seem like 1' or a bit more.

3.After cutting the length you desire line them up and tie a knot.
Like so
4.Get 2 soda tab and you will see that it has 2 different sides, a rough and a flat surface, now the rough surfaces should be facing each other for this, like so:
5.Now thread one, the flat surface should be up now and grab the ribbon and thread it from the top...from the flat part, on both holes.
6.Now get the other tab and do the same but this tab should be facing the opposite of the 1st tab. 
7.You will be doing step 5 & 6 until you get the desire length of this bracelet.

8.Now when you get to the desired length you will tie a know like in the beginning. 

*For this side i sewed it cuz i like it very secure, i left in between the know about 1/2"

9.For the beginning of the bracelet i added a soda tab so i can use it as a "lock" and put it threw the end, like so:

Now show your project off!!! Happy Crafting!