Jul 18, 2012

15 Free Knee Length Skirt Patterns & Instructions for Adult Women

15 Free Knee Length Skirt Patterns & Instructions for Adult Women

Have you missed me?!?!?! Sorry crafters i've been away from my blog but here i am now!!! Here is a great list of DIY skirts i love them all!!!!

Free women's layered lace skirt pattern and tutorial

So like always =) go check out this list and and you will find the tutorial for each one near the picture...so easy right!!!!!! I know!!!!

Jul 4, 2012

Madtown Macs: Perfect Polish Every Time!

Madtown Macs: Perfect Polish Every Time!

Just wanted to share this tutorial i just read with the Crafting Ladies!!!!!

Go check it out it will change your life....well i'm just exaggerating lol but it will change how you do your nails.....specially in a hurry!!!!

C&C: Make a vintage polka dot top with fabric spray paint

C&C: Make a vintage polka dot top with fabric spray paint

Got a plain shirt and will love to add some character to it, grab some paints and go outside and get started....go check this very simple tutorial, i mean it very simple and you enjoy the beautiful day out too at the same time!!!!

XOXO,  Happy crafting!!

OK. as requested by a follower I'm going to write more about this great fabric painting tutorial!!!! With pleasure i when back to the original tutorial and remembered i didn't read it all. Now i'm going to continue the post =)


Well like i said i read the tutorial again and i found a few other stuff i should add in my post about this tutorial.

Here are some tips she pointed out:

-You might want to wear gloves so you don't stain your hands!!!
-You don't have to just do the polka dot design only, go crazy, strip, ombre design too, and many more!!!
-(This is my tip) Instead of using plain paper you can use wax paper and iron it on wherever you want the design to be at, this will be easier ( I Think).

I think this idea is very good for a gift for a baby-shower, when i was pregnant i had a hard time to get cute maternity clothes, so this is very very simple project to update any shirt you or a friend of urs have around or you can find one cheap in a thrift store and update it!

Not only you can do this for adult shirts you can expand this idea and use it on your little girls, on your sister, BFF and more!!!!!!

OK, so i hope this little bit i wrote about this awesome tutorial is enough....its a very short tutorial and self-explanatory, maybe is me but from the pictures you can get the idea so if you want to see C&C tutorial on this post just click the link below!!!!

LINK:     http://cottonandcurls.blogspot.com/2012/07/make-vintage-polka-dot-top-with-fabric.html

Thank for reading the rest!!!

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