Jun 26, 2012

6,000 pageview!!!!!!!!

Oh My God!!!!! 6,000!!!!! I can't believe Creative Crafting Blog has received so many page views!!! I want to thank all the people and Crafters that taken time of they lives to sit and read my blog. I never thought i would get to this number of page views in like a yr and 1/2 or more, but thanks to the "fans" =) we have!!!!!

I don't want to get all emotional on you guys so just want to say again, Thank you all!!!!!!!


Liz Morales

Jun 23, 2012

Neon Striped T-shirt DIY — Saved By Love Creations

Neon Striped T-shirt DIY — Saved By Love Creations

Neon T-shirt DIY

Here is a very simple project for all of you guys, i was in Pinterest and saw this pin and thought, "You know i should post this at my blog just 'cuz is so simple and i love the colors!!" so here I am =). Very simple all you need is a t-shirt, new or old, any color but the best i think is white, also u need duct tape and spray paint!!! and your imagination to create this cute t-shirt!! i LOVE IT!!!


Jun 17, 2012

To Die For DIY

To Die For DIY

Bored of your denim shorts?!?!?! Well i am kinda tired of how plain some of mine are and i saw this shorts tutorial in Pinterest and i just want to share this great tutorial this lady has in her blog so if you want to see this tutorial click on the second title of this post..i think is that one LOL i know is either one of the titles and you will be directed to this great tutorial!!!!

XOXO, Happy Crafting!!!!

Jun 1, 2012

BEADED FLIP FLOPS DIY : DIY Fashion by Trinkets in Bloom

BEADED FLIP FLOPS DIY : DIY Fashion by Trinkets in Bloom

Beaded Flip Flops DIY

I was looking at some flip flips in this one store because i needed new one, and i wanted to get some that will be perfect for most outfit this spring and summer, but all of the flip flops out there are so..... BLAH!!!! and you know what i will say next =).........then i found this tutorial......WHY go CRAZY looking for the perfect one if i can get the BLAH ones =) and transform them........ i love it!!!! So go check out this Girl's blog and this tutorial....because i think is the BOMB =)