May 18, 2012

DIY: Sock Bun tutorial

IDK bout u but i have curly hair and there are some days i just don't want to do anything to it....but i don't want to scared people with my Afro hahaha!!!! So i just remembered a thing my second sister used to do when she wasn't feeling like going over-board with her hair ( and her hair was curly and all the way til the waist...or longer!!!) she would just grab a pair of old socks or the sock she couldn't find the pair and would do this very simple thing!!!! So here i'm doing a very short tutorial of what i remember she showed me!!!

- Sock!!! (old, new, missing pair, ur partner's sock, your kids, W.E.)
-Music (optional) >.<
- Ur head full of hair, LOL
- Elastic hair band
- Pins (optional, to secure bun)

-So grab that sock and cut the S**T out of it....LOL you don't have to be as aggressive as i was...LOL

-After cutting the S**T out of that sock, now is time to form the "bun", so start to "fold", Roll or W.E. you want to long as W.E. you do forms that bun shape >.<

-Now Tie your hair as high or low as you want, do 2 ponytails if your feeling a bit Star War's character too, >.<   Then put on the sock bun, then grab the ends of the ponytail and start to roll the S**T of that sock bun,      
Optional use pins to secure the bun in place, but if your hair like mine it will stay in place....Optional....make the hair do messy to make it look sexier!!!!! And for straight hair if you want that "wave" in ur hair...u know what to do grab ur tools and curl ur hair a bit b4 doing any of the "hair steps" >.<

This is PERFECT for summer...for the pool, the beach....just bring that sock bun with u and do it right after  coming out of the will look hot 4 sure!!!!


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