Apr 7, 2012

My latest projects

Now, i present to you....... part of my collection of skirts!!!'

Here are 3 of my many projects I've been doing lately, they are all from old clothes, so they are all upcycle skirts!!!

                                                                (Front with belt)

 1. This was a sweater, i love the colors, Neon colors are the trend now so i thought since is still a bit cold why not make this sweater a cool skirt!!!


                                                                   (Back w/o belt)


 2. This skirt here was an XL size women's top, a very cute one too!! since i love the colors and the pattern too i wasn't going to re-size it so i turned it into this cute skirt, perfect for Easter day!!!


3. This one here was a very, VERY long skirt, i wasn't really sure of the color and pattern but i still went and bought it, that's just how i am =). and i added ribbon in the seam i made in the middle.

(Back....=-/ )

(Front again!!)
So this one is not that bad, my Dear husband even told me i should start to sell the things i make like this skirt!!!! That just made my day!!! Luv u Gordo!!!!

So i hope you like my new collection sorry i didn't make tutorials for the 3 of them i was too exited and involved in making them i forgot to take pics or video!! Next time...i'm saving for a better camera so you guys can enjoy the videos and pics way better than they are now!!!!

Happy Easter!! &  Happy crafting!!!!!

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