Feb 8, 2012

Hand made socks!

I always wonder if i make a pair of sock, what will they come out looking like? Well, i had answer my own question, lol! It was my 1st time so i was too exited to make a tutorial but i got some pics out of the whole this. This socks were made with a turtle neck sweater i got in a $5 bag sale!!! i know fill a bag with all this clothes, I was so up for it! and i also got great clothes out of this sale!!  So now i'm going to show you my finished pair of socks/slippers. =)

Hope you liked it, it was my 1st pair of sock and i think is not bad! Sorry if the pictures are not good quality at all i was trying my old webcam, LOL, and this is what it came out looking like!!!

                                                                                                                                  Happy Crafting!!!,

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