Jan 14, 2012

My logo

My logo, Tainos

I Have come up with this site the other day on how to make your own tags, so i decided to make some for myself and i'm going to use a symbol that the Indians Tainos, from Puerto Rico, used for the famous frog Coqui. This frog is originally from Puerto Rico, i was born there, so i decided i was going to use this as my logo =)

The picture above is the symbol for "coqui" this is how the Tainos 'wrote it' or draw it.

Here is a site for you to check out if you want to know more about the Tainos
This site has basic information on this culture. So back to why i have chosen this character as my logo, lol
Well, i like it because its part of my culture and i love the frog coqui!

If you like it or not please leave comments!!

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